Slatians Notebook

A place where I share my knowlege, most pages get updates when I find new and interesting things for them.


Getting your Smartcards and Security Tokens working on Linux

You just bought a popular Security Token to find it not working out of the box on Linux?

Serial Port Troubleshooting on Linux

How to find out why your serial Port isn't working

Tutorial: Smart ssh jumping

SSH jump hosts are great! However, having to think about the current network is a task better done by the CPU


ANSI Escape Sequences

The things that make your Terminal colourful


A simple, plain ASCII-Table

ATmega328P and the Arduino UNO R3

Pinout of the ATmega328P and how it maps to the Arduino UNO R3.

Environment Variable Zoo

Environment Variables for Linux you might want to know about.


Some knowledge that makes your life easier when working with fonts on Linux.

Git Cheatsheet(s)

Some of my git knowledge and where it came from.

IP-Address Ranges

Overview of reserved IP-Address ranges for IPv4 and IPv6

Portable Shell-Scripting

Knowledge for writing portable shell scripts that work across operating system distributions.

Resistor Value Table

For when those Rings don't make sense again.

SQL Cheatsheet

Some useful reminders for the occasional SQL user.

Scanning, OCR and PDF

A cheatsheet for scanning and and OCRing documents on Linux with sane and tesseract

Shell Null Termination / Separation

What is null termination, why and how to use it in shell pipelines.

Shell Snippets

Some shellcode I catch myself writing over and over again.


Query elements from XML Documents, on the CLI, in the Browser, everywhere else


Some arduino-cli common patterns and tricks



A list of podcasts I listen to and can recommend

Speech Recognition Frontends

Projects making use of speech recognition

Standards Zoo

Bookmarks for public content of widely used ISO-Standards.


A collection of link collections I consider worth sharing