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I'm Slatian (sleɪtiːan)(aka Baschdel), someone who is interested in taking code apart and putting it back together, customizing their desktop and terminal, the sematic web and organizing information (Ontology).

/me likes opinioated software and uses Linux distributions like Void, Artix and Alpine. My favorite text editor is kakoune.

You can talk to me in English or German.

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Tutorial: Smart ssh jumping

SSH jump hosts are great! However, having to think about the current network is a task better done by the CPU

Fixing PWM flicker on the Arduino UNO R3

Hooked up an RGB LED to an Arduino and it started to flicker when combining colours? This is how I found the solution.

ATmega328P and the Arduino UNO R3

Pinout of the ATmega328P and how it maps to the Arduino UNO R3.

Group based Permissions using polkit

Access things like NetworkManager based on UNIX groups.


Query elements from XML Documents, on the CLI, in the Browser, everywhere else

Pretty Atom-Feed Previews with XSLT

Adding some XSLT to my Atom-Feeds to make them behave like Webpages in Browsers


Some knowledge that makes your life easier when working with fonts on Linux.

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