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Hello World

I'm Slatian (sleɪtiːan)(aka Baschdel), someone who is interested in building programs, customizing their desktop and organizing information, also a SysAdmin. A lot of my code is written in Vala and Lua and glued together with bash scripts.

You can also find/contact me here:

slatian on Libera.Chat and OFTC
baschdel ädd disroot döt org

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Recent Blogposts

Having a look at greetd

A writeup of the internals of the greetd login manager

Building a crappy cheap LightDM 1/?

First POC of a simple session switcher for building a feature-rich lockscreen

Tutorial: Smart ssh jumping

SSH jump hosts are great! However, having to think about the current network is a task better done by the CPU

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 2/?

First attempt to itegrate my screenlcker with sxmo (quirky and barebones, but as success)

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 1/?

Finding out how sxmo curerently handles screenlocking and suspending (pre sxmo 1.9.0)