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Slatectx: Adding some context to the desktop

Most workflows today are app-centric, this is my attempt at trying something different

What is NAT and why you don't want it

What is Network Address Translation, how does it work and why you don't want it.

Building an animated <details> element

Trying to build an accessible accordion element for reasons


Having a look at greetd

A writeup of the internals of the greetd login manager

Building a crappy cheap LightDM 1/?

First POC of a simple session switcher for building a feature-rich lockscreen

Tutorial: Smart ssh jumping

SSH jump hosts are great! However, having to think about the current network is a task better done by the CPU

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 2/?

First attempt to itegrate my screenlcker with sxmo (quirky and barebones, but as success)

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 1/?

Finding out how sxmo curerently handles screenlocking and suspending (pre sxmo 1.9.0)