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A collection of link collections I consider worth sharing


Listed roughly in order of preference, it is NOT a ranking. Prefernce in this case means: In therms of how many sites I personally conider interesting. Webrings I found more recently or just don't explore as often will naturally rank lower.

In case you are new to webrings: Webrings are sometimes members of other webrings and a few sites are members of a lot of webrings so the below are just some possible entry points.



This webring is for the personal sites of any member of the fediverse (also known as fedizens).



For all those funny, quirky, interesting, personal, strange, offbeat websites that's not page 1 on the search engines.

Hotline Webring

Has no restrictions for joining and may contain objectionable content.


Geekring with more retro themed websites.

The retronaut webring

Has no restrictions for joining and may contain objectionable content.


A webring that contains all kinds of sites.

The Yesterweb Ring


This webring is for anyone who is tired of how boring and same-y the internet is today. It's for anyone who is sick of seeing websites used purely to drive monetization, informative blogs that ask you to subscribe to see content.

XXIIVV Webring


This webring is an attempt to inspire artists & developers to build their websites and share traffic amongst each other. The ring welcomes hand-crafted wikis and portfolios.

The 512KB Club


The 512KB Club is a collection of performance-focused web pages from across the Internet. More of a directory but sometimes considered a webring (it's missin the ring-part though)

Seirdy’s Home


Not only a source of great links but also great articles containing them.