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"It just opens files" - xdg-open under the hood

How the logic behind the freedesktop file opener works

Improving an fzf example with null bytes

or: Why good shell scripts are sometimes bad for explaining

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 1/?

Finding out how sxmo curerently handles screenlocking and suspending (pre sxmo 1.9.0)

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 2/?

First attempt to itegrate my screenlcker with sxmo (quirky and barebones, but as success)

My current Smarthome Setup

A raspberry pi under my desk that switches screens and audio on and off. commandline edition!

Scanning, OCR and PDF

A cheatsheet for scanning and and OCRing documents on Linux with sane and tesseract

Shell Null Termination / Separation

What is null termination, why and how to use it in shell pipelines.

Shell Snippets

Some shellcode I catch myself writing over and over again.

Tutorial: Smart ssh jumping

SSH jump hosts are great! However, having to think about the current network is a task better done by the CPU

xdg-mime: Mapping Files to Applications taken apart

How the machinery mapping files to applications works on your free desktop