Screwing around with Sliderland

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Finished for now

Things I made in blinrys awesome Sliderland playground.

Sliderland is a coding playground made by blinry that evaluates some javascript and displays the result using 64 sliders (the original used 64 html sliders, but they were replaced in favour of a canvas that draws things that look like sliders because of browser compatibility). I also host a Sliderland on that has a dark mode and behaves more like a scrollable page.

Some things I made with Sliderland follow, feel free to tweak them have fun and share them! (mentioning my name somewhere would be nice but isn't required)

Screw it! Demo

The "final" Screw demo that cycles through a few wavy things that look a bit like screws.

A barebones screw that is a bit easier to understand.

Roofs and Birds

A scrolling wave of bars with roofs on them.

Same demo as above with a glitch effect switching between bird and roof mode.