Topics / Desktop Ricing

"It just opens files" - xdg-open under the hood

How the logic behind the freedesktop file opener works

Building a crappy cheap LightDM 1/?

First POC of a simple session switcher for building a feature-rich lockscreen


Some knowledge that makes your life easier when working with fonts on Linux.

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 1/?

Finding out how sxmo curerently handles screenlocking and suspending (pre sxmo 1.9.0)

Integrating swaylock-mobile with Sxmo 2/?

First attempt to itegrate my screenlcker with sxmo (quirky and barebones, but as success)

Slatectx: Adding some context to the desktop

Most workflows today are app-centric, this is my attempt at trying something different

xdg-mime: Mapping Files to Applications taken apart

How the machinery mapping files to applications works on your free desktop