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Just like a real Railstation this page gets you to a lot places on the internet, the only differences are that you don't need a ticket and don't have to wait.

Friendly Sites

Run by awesome people:

Note of Thank you! Both and inspired this website when it was created and continue to do so.

Run by on-profit Organisations, providing useful services:


Currently the slatecave is only a member of the fediring, which is simply websites of people on the fediverse.


Wall of Badges

Not a wall right now, but one has to start somewhere.

Seirdy, simple white on black text next to a :; icon. Codeberg, text next to a codeberg icon. Fediring, colorful text and fedi-logo CC BY-NC-SA

Linking to the Slatecave

If you have a similar page and want to link back to the slatecave: Thank you!

You can use the following badge if you want to:, Behind the text there is a drawing of the head of a floofy dragon.

Note on Hotlinking: If you want to hotlink (load the image from feel free to do so. But please consider serving it from your own webserver.

Image credits: Image credits for the dragon in the background go to Mollin (website), it is derived from the sketch of a dragon bean I've commissioned.

The TCP 443 train to