Vala project setup script







This project is a lua script that automates the process of setting up a project with vala, meson and git. Similar to what happens when yo tell cargo or go to create a new project. It also sets up some helper scripts and a README with build instructions.

Some Sample Output

New Vala Project
This program will setup a new vala project using meson
Please enter the name of your project
> slate
Please enter the reverse domain name of the projects home
> net.slatecave
Create a main.vala file? (y/N)
> y is a script that is able to run a single sed command across every *.vala file in the src/ directory replacing anthing with everything, wich is useful for renaming classes and interfaces but can also do a very excellent job at ruining your day without asking if you screw up and don't have a backup!
-- If you enable it make sure you have a versioning system ready!! --
Add (Use a versioning/backup system!) (y/N)
> y
Initialize git repository? (y/N)
> y
Add a remote git repository? (y/N)
> y
Ok, create your remte repo and give me the (clone) address.
Project Executable Name: slate
Project id: net.slatecave.slate
Local project folder: /home/baschdel/Development/site_generator/src/projects/vala-project-setup-script
+ Add a main.vala file
+ Add the bulksed script
+ Initialize a git repository with remote
Is this information correct? (y/N)
> N
Please restart the script then.