Slatecave Atom Feeds

Subscribe to the Slatecave using your favourite feedreader.

Available Feeds

You can subscribe to …

I'd recommend a fetch interval of once per week, once per day at maximum, feel free to fetch more or less often.


In order to subscribe you need an RSS-Reader, copy one of the links from above and add them as feeds. New content will show up in the reader when I post something new or a page updates, most readers also have the option to send notifications if desired.

Note: Technically the above are links to Atom feeds, but every RSS-Reader I know of also supports Atom as it is the de-facto accepted successor to RSS.

What is a Feedreader?

A Feedreader is like a news-app, but what shows up there are articles from RSS and Atom-Feeds you subscribed, usually without any advertising.

What Feedreader should I use?

Though to recommend one, if you already use Thunderbird you can use that to start out.

Feedreaders are available as standalone apps, browser add-ons, integrated into E-Mail clients or as (self hostable) services.

Pick one that seems reasonable for you and go from there.

Note: Make sure that your feedreader can export OPML, this way you can take the subscription list with you when switching readers.

What Feedreader are you using?

I'm using Miniflux that is hosted on an old laptop in my basement.

In case you want to host it yourself too: The only real requirement is a running postgres database, almost everything else is taken care of by Miniflux after initial setup, I'd recommend using a packaged version so that Miniflux simply updates with the rest of your system.