About slatecave.net

A bit of information about myself and this website

Digital me, Slatian (sleɪtiˑan)

I'm a geek interested in building programs, websites, more or less useful systems and customising my Desktop, I like Linux and am interested in minimalist (my rough definition being: Can I understand enough of it after spending an afternoon with the manual to have an Idea of how it works and does it run on my phone?) and cleanly (usually means that a lot of parts beautifully fit together with easy to understand interfaces) built systems.

My code is usually written in Vala or Lua and glued together using bash and awk, but I also know python, JavaScript, a bit of C and x86 Assembly, some of it is also creative use of configuration mechanisms.

Apparently I care enough about the web to make this website because the web needs more small personal websites!

I'm also interested in organising Information in general (And usually fail at doing exactly that …).

Why that name?

You may also know me under my old nick Baschdel (baʃdəl) which had some issues, one of them being that it is surprisingly common (derived from Sebastian). Slatian (sleɪtiˑan/slay-tee-an) is derived from this websites name (I bought the domain about a week or two earlier) which I simply derived from one of my favourite background colours (also the Material has historically been used to record Information (extra geek factor?)).


In general: I'm handling most of my communication that I'll reply when I have time to reply, you can message me at any day or nighttime however (just be prepared to wait a a bit longer for the answer). Also I'm OK with you trying to contact me through multiple channels if one isn't successful (I don't always look at everything).

You can talk to me in English and German.



Simply mention me at any level of visibility you're comfortable with. (For some reason absturztaube is blocked on a few popular servers in the Fediverse, I'll setup an alt soon™)


I'm known as slatian on Libera.Chat and OFTC and have a chat session open on an old laptop. (Which means I have to remember that I should open up that ssh session …)


I take E-Mails over at baschdel ädd disroot döt org. Since my E-Mail setup is a mess I haven't setup encryption yet.

Git (Merge Requests / Issues)


If you already have an account on Codeberg and you have an Issue or Merge Request for one of my projects hosted there you can communicate these through Gitea. Any other means of communication is fine too (including sending me a (link to a) diff over the Fediverse!).

About this Website

This is a static website that uses Zola as a site generator and is currently hosted at Uberspace. It contains no divs and no JavaScript, the CSS is 100% handwritten by myself and it attempts to use semantic html wherever possible.

This website does not generate any income and is used for personal purposes only.

The light mode doesn't look like a slatecave at all/is ugly?

The light mode exists because I want other to offer me my preferred colour palette, too. Also there are plenty of reasons why someone would want a light mode. So I attempted to make one while trying to minimise the use of eye-burn white. Good news is that because this website doesn't rely on black CSS + div magic you can load in almost any off the shelf stylesheet you want or use your favourite reader mode!


I usually test this site with recent versions of

The browser I use for almost all my webbrowsing anyway.
A chromium with some extra blink I need for some terrible proprietary stuff.
A small simple and fast browser with limited CSS capabilities.
Is a browser for the Terminal that only speaks html and is really fast (perfect for almost non-existent mobile internet), its also very good at visualising markup mistakes.

You are wasting how much on images !?

I know, I'm not proud of it but I like some decoration on my site and I'm trying to get the images smaller. Also I'm trying to keep the uncompressed size below 100KB and make use of your Browsers cache.

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Material Icons are under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

All opinions listet here are my own and are not representitive of my employers.