Some of my creations

I build lots of stuff, some of it is good enough to publish it and tell the story behind it.

Other places you can find my projects

Projects I've written about here

Swaylock Mobile

Abandonned proof of concept - Sxmo with sway is great but unfortunately it lacks a proper lockscreen, This is my attempt to fix that situation by adding a keypad and some mobile related cosmetic features to swaylock.

Live and in color! - A web-service for looking up IPs and domain names


Useable - A fuzzyfinder script that can search for manpages and RFCs

Screwing around with Sliderland

Finished for now - Things I made in blinrys awesome Sliderland playground.

My current Smarthome Setup

Actively used - A raspberry pi under my desk that switches screens and audio on and off. commandline edition!

Lunar Widgets - Lua scriptable Gtk Widgets

Unfinished, experimental - Lua scripting for Gtk without gobject introspection, similar to eww, useful for prototyping

DDB - Object Key Vale Store

Actively used, needs some love - DDB is a simple in memory key value store with the goal to serve as IPC (Inter Process Communication) infrastructure between simple and less simple scripts.

Vala project setup script

Completed - This project is a lua script that automates the process of setting up a project with vala, meson and git. Similar to what happens when yo tell cargo or go to create a new project. It also sets up some helper scripts and a README with build instructions.

A wrapper for a terraria server with some perks

Completed - Adds automatic shutdown when not needed, Matterbridge support and exposes Server commands to the ingame chat.

Dragonstone - Gemini/Gopher Browser

Usable, rewrite planned - Dragonstone is a browser for the Gopher and Gemini protocols built with Gtk 3.

A Tetris clone

Completed but messy code - A simple Tetris game written in Python that started as a scool exercise.

A simple TicTacToe game

Completed - Written for the commandline this is my first game I've written myself, still fun to have around in 2020.